NMR Spectroscopy with VNMRJ & EZ NMR

Locally developed EZ NMR for VNMRJ versions 2.2D/3.2A

Dr. Albin Otter & Mark Miskolzie

Department of Chemistry
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2G2

A PDF version of this document is available here.

i400 - Instructions on the usage of the i400 with autosampler are available here.

u500 - Instructions on the usage of the u500 with autosampler are available here.

v700 - Instructions on the usage of the v700 with autosampler are coming soon here.

VNMRJ 4.2 User Guide - NMR User Guide manual from Varian/Agilent available here.

Safety information - for working in the NMR facility can be found here.


Table of Contents

1. EZ NMR to Simplify NMR!

2. Introduction

2.1 The NMR Staff and Spectrometers

2.1.1 The NMR Staff
2.1.2 The Spectrometers

2.2 Data Stations and Remote Access Points

3. NMR system Overview

3.1 Consoles, probes and other hardware

3.2 Sensitivity and spectral dispersion

4. Sample preparation and pre-acquisition activities

4.1 Sample preparation

4.2 Sample volume and sample concentration

4.3 Spectral References

4.4 Access to spectrometers, online reservations, etc.

4.5 Logging into the system and starting VNMRJ

4.6 The VNMRJ interface


5.1 Step 1 - Inserting a sample

5.2 Step 2 – Select Solvent

5.3 Step 3 – Probe Tuning

5.4 Step 4 – Load Standard Shims, z0, Lock Power|Gain

5.4.1 Locking manually step-by step

5.5 Step 6 – Gradient Shimming

5.6 Step 7 – Spinner

5.7 Step 8 – Select Technique

5.8 Step 9 – GO!

5.9 Step 10 – Auto Save

6. Processing with EZ NMR

6.1 Processing a 1D data set, a H1 1D

6.2 Processing a 2D data set, a GCOSY

7. Data and Data Management

7.1 The Data Manager window

7.2 The Data Manager buttons

8. Exit VNMRJ and log out

8.1 exit from VNMRJ

8.2 log out of the Linux user account

9. Appendix

9.1 Sep-Pak filtration for carbohydrates (courtesy Dr. Gordon Alton)

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