8. Exit VNMRJ and log out

When you are finished with your reserved time and/or NMR experiment(s):

8.1 exit from VNMRJ


  • Turn the Spinner Off


  • Eject the sample and then remove the sample from the top of the magnet


  • Click on the Insert button to turn the air lift off






  • Exit VNMRJ by entering exit on the VNMRJ command line followed by the enter key


  • by clicking on the x in the upper right hand corner of the VNMRJ window

8.2 log out of the Linux user account

DO NOT log out of your Linux user account without exiting VNMRJ first.


  • click on the small exit door in the top left corner of the Linux desktop and confirm exit when prompted

This procedure will log you out correctly and prompt the next user to log in with the proper Linux username and online reservation name.

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