NMR Training, Forms and Information (updated 2022.06)


NMR Users Seeking Training

*Required* - every user of the facility must have completed the UofA HSE online courses for "WHMIS", and "Laboratory and Chemical Safety" and have the PDF certificates available.

If you are in the department of chemistry select "Interal" forms.

If you're outside chemistry select "External" forms.


Internal NMR users (Department of Chemistry Staff and Students)

Form Description
Chemistry Department - New User NMR Training and Facility Access Step-by-step instructions for NMR training, with facility access request form.
Register for Online Schedule & Instrument Access Registration page for online access (Chemistry Department members only). Required for website spectrometer booking and instrument login/usage after NMR training.
How to Submit a Sample

Detailed instructions for submitting samples for NMR service. Intended for requests from inside the Department of Chemistry.
Recommended reading if you are new to the Department.

Sample Preparation How to prepare samples suitable for high quality NMR spectra. An HTML version can be seen here.
Recommended reading if you are new to the Department.
NMR Sample Service Request

Form for Sample Submission to the NMR Service Group:
Print this PDF form, and submit the completed form with the sample when drop-off (Room WB-13 West Chemistry Basement).


For External NMR users (people outside the Department of Chemistry)

Form Description
External Academic and Commercial Client - NMR Training, Access Request and Waivers

Step-by-step instructions for training with facility access request form. All non-chemistry users must also complete the included UofA waiver.

(updated 2022.10.19)

NMR Sample Service Request PDF form to submit a sample to NMR Staff Service.
Print, complete and submit the form with your sample at drop-off (WB-13).
( Fill in with your computer, print it out and make photocopies and avoid entering the same information over and over again.)
NMR Service Prices Prices for several of the NMR services. External Academic and non-Academic Researchers. Contact us if you have other requests.
How to Submit an External Sample
Guidelines regarding sample submission for non-departmental, i.e. external customers (academic and non-academic). UofA Indent or Purchase Order required.

Reminder: The analysis of NMR data can be difficult and time-consuming.

We can provide consultation services to external users who need help analyzing and interpreting their NMR results at a fee of $170 per hour (minimum 1/2 hour, and incremented by half hours). Please refer to item 12 on the price chart or call (780) 492-2573 for details.

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