Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta        May 2009
NMR News 2009-02
News and tips from the NMR support group for users of the Varian NMR systems in the Department

There are no fixed publishing dates for this newsletter; its appearance solely depends on whether there is a need to present information to the users of the spectrometers or not.

Other content of this NMR News is no longer meaningful and has been removed May 2010.



changes in instrumentation in the NMR labs, EB-44 lab renovation


change to the i600 schedule and i600 access


display of cut-up 200 magnet


change of computer hardware and software


Changes in instrumentation in the NMR labs
As everybody noticed, the renovation of EB-44 is in full swing and u500 is now boarded up for more than a month without any access to that system. Unfortunately, the situation will remain unchanged and we do not know an end date of  the renovation. Please check with the on-line reservation system for availability of ibd5. It can be used most of the time but sometimes this can change on very short notice. We have very little control over what is done and when in EB-44.

Change to the i600 schedule and i600 access
Based on a recent review of the usage and access to the i600, changes will be implemented effective June 1, 2009. The NMR support group will have substantially more time on that instrument and therefore many more researcher can have access to i600 by submitting their samples to the NMR service. If you like or need to time the submission of your sample(s), Monday 09:00 to Tuesday 09:00 is the time assigned for general Departmental sample on i600.
This approach was chosen because i600 is our oldest and by far least user-friendly system and therefore unsuitable for general access for self-measurement. It is possible that later this year or early 2010, the console will be replaced and ProTune installed (the current console is not compatible with ProTune). This would increase the ease of use dramatically and the situation re. access will be reassessed. For now please make use of the NMR service for i600 experiments. The submission sheets contain i600 as a choice when samples are submitted.

Display of cut-up 200 magnet
On April 28, 2009 our display of the cut-up 200 MHz magnet was officially opened. It is located outside the E1-60 lecture theatre. Besides the dissected magnet, the display contains a probe with sample and a 15 minute slide presentation with some general thoughts about NMR and magnets in particular. This presentation can be obtained here. It is in PowerPoint 2003 format.

Change of computer hardware and software
As announced in the last NMR News, the SUN computers and with them the old VNMR interface will disappear gradually. As of this writing there are only 3 SUN systems left: m400, s400 and i600. They will be changed over next, probably in June 2009.

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