On April 28, 2009 the Department of Chemistry put a cut-up
200 MHz NMR magnet on display.

Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton/Alberta, Canada
Main floor East wing outside lecture theatre E1-60.

For more pictures click on the picture on the left.

History of the Bruker 4.7 Tesla (200 MHz H1) magnet
  • installed December 1978
  • decommissioned April 2003
  • never quenched in 25 years, only required trickle-charging
  • "dissected" between March 2006 and February 2007 by Department's Machine Shop
  • on display since April 2009

The magnet display contains a slide presentation that runs continuously. It is available here in two forms: the entire 15 minute presentation (21 Mbyte) and a short version (9 Mbyte) which only provides the the magnet cutting part.

The shorter version is included in the full version, i.e. no need to watch both if you chose the longer one.

The slide presentation is intended for an audience that knows nothing about NMR such as undergraduate students who pass through this location on the way in and out of the lecture theatre. With apologies to NMR experts, there are some simplifications in there to (a) not overwhelm the anticipated audience and (b) fit into a reasonable time frame.

entire 15 minute
21 Mbyte


magnet cutting
9 MB

Both presentations are based on PowerPoint 2003 software
and a 10:16 monitor ratio.


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