Department of Chemistry, University of Alberta        May  2007
NMR News 2007-02
News and tips from the NMR support group for users of the Varian NMR systems in the Department

There are no fixed publishing dates for this newsletter; its appearance solely depends on whether there is a need to present information to the users of the spectrometers or not.

Other content of this NMR News is no longer meaningful and has been removed May 2010.



interactive adjustment of window functions with wti (WFT vs. FT)


a personal note from the NMR supervisor


Interactive adjustment of window functions with wti (WFT vs. FT)
The question about the difference between WFT and FT is one that, for strange reasons, never goes away. This has been discussed in some length before and examples of different data weighting are available, too.
Here the only issue is how to change the window functions with the VNMRJ interface. For everything else in connection with WFT vs. FT please follow the links above.

Do not mix and match several apodization functions.

bullet On the VNMRJ command line type wti
bullet The row of buttons shown on the left appears
bullet Adjust as described earlier keeping in mind the information below

LB, SB and GF:  Line Broadening, Sine Bell and Gaussian Function
SB and GF with the overlaid arrow (>>>>) pattern: Sine Bell shift and Gaussian Function shift

Clicking the first time on e.g. SB selects this function, clicking on the same button again turns this function off.

The AW button is best left alone. The lowest button in the column is a Return button to go to the menu level above. It is rather useless as it does not close the wti window. Instead, to finish the wti session, it is best to enter wft on the command line to see the effect of the changes just made re. window functions.

Please note that the buttons in the EZ NMR P+P panel shown on the left have preset window functions that cannot be changed by the user.
If you click on any of the WFT buttons your hard work with wti will be overwritten by the standard functions. Of course, the FT button is not a problem since it uses no window functions at all.

A personal note from the NMR supervisor
The two-times postponed VNMRJ seminar series in early May was quite an amazing experience. The response to the seminar announcement was way over the highest expectations and those of you who had to stand through an entire 75 minutes will certainly not forget that experience! I would like to apologize to all those who could not find a seat or not even get into the room during the first seminar. The addition of a third seminar was helpful and in the end about 120 NMR-enthusiasts attended. This was an amazing number - thanks to all who attended!

The NMR web pages went into operation November 19, 1998. In a few days the 500,000th connection to the site is expected. There are between 300 and 500 visits to the site per day, including weekend days and holidays. When I started this web site, I could not imagine to ever see such numbers.

And, finally, the nmr.chem server (a Sun UNIX computer) recently had to be rebooted due to patching after 560 days of uninterrupted uptime! This is pretty amazing stability for a system that is constantly used. Quite different than MS Windows - fortunately!

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