Matterhorn (Switzerland) and Mt. Assiniboine (Canada)

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Kanton Wallis, Switzerland
(picture taken February 1999)

Mt. Assiniboine
Province of British Columbia, Canada
(picture taken July 1998)

4558' N / 743' E

5052' N / 11539' W

4478 m (14'690 ft)

3618 m (11'870 ft)

Mt. Assiniboine is often referred to as Canada's Matterhorn. The two mountains, separated by ca. 13'500 km, resemble each other quite a bit - even more so when standing right in front of one of them without seeing the other one at the same time. In a direct comparison, as shown in the two pictures, Mt. Assiniboine is not as pointed as the Matterhorn. With today's technology this can be fixed easily, of course:

19990222med2.jpg (26492 bytes)

19980330-25.jpg (15272 bytes)

Mt. Assiniboine
slimmed down by 25%

Both mountains are very popular with mountain climbers, and both have apparently a very similar level of difficulty, except that the air gets a little thinner on top of the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is easily accessible by train from Brig to Zermatt and, if a closer look is desired, by Gondola right to the base of the mountain. The base of Mt. Assiniboine can be reached by a ca. 30 km, 2 to 3 day hike (one way) from Sunshine Village near Banff, or in about the same time from the Mount Engadin Lodge in Kananaskis. As a third option, it can also be reached by helicopter, which is a bad way of doing it as the hike in and out is absolutely gorgeous.

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