The entire NMR team is very sad to have lost a wonderful colleague. Glen Bigam passed away very unexpectedly on Thursday July 30, 2009. For nearly 50 years he worked at the U of A, over 40 of
them in the NMR labs at the Department of Chemistry.

The picture shown above is from April 2003, at the time of decommissioning the am200 spectrometer which later (2009) became the cut-up magnet display. Although taken in a not-so-pretty lab in the basement of the Department, and far from a "formal" picture, it portrays Glen the way we know him and always remember him. He was happy around NMR instruments, knew how to fix them like nobody else, and totally enjoyed the presence of students and other members of this University community.

It is impossible to even estimate how many students, post-docs and faculty his dedication to NMR research and service has helped over so many years. Beyond a doubt, it must be a huge number.

We, and NMR as a whole, lost a great man.

Nupur Dabral, Lai Kong, Mark Miskolzie, Albin Otter

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