NMR forms and information

This information is different for NMR users internal to the Department of Chemistry or external users.

(How-to manuals are available here)

Department of Chemistry - Internal NMR users

Document Description
How to Submit a Sample

PDF document detailing instructions for submitting samples for NMR service. This is intended for requests from inside the Department of Chemistry.
Recommended reading if you are new to the Department.

Sample Preparation PDF document describing how to prepare samples suitable for high quality NMR spectra. An HTML version can be seen here.
Recommended reading if you are new to the Department.
NMR Service Request Form PDF form for submission of a sample to the NMR Service Group:
You can print the PDF form and submit the completed form to the Sample Drop-Off Point (Room WB-13).
NMR Training and Access Request Form PDF form to obtain training and key access to the NMR labs
bullet WHMIS, Laboratory Safety and Chemical Safety Courses required. See linked site under "Training"
bullet Book and Receive training with NMR Staff (phone 2-2573)
bullet Print and bring the PDF form to training
bullet Read and understand what you are signing
bullet Fill in the required information and sign the form
bullet Have your supervisor read and fill in his/her part with signature
bullet Take to Room E3-17A for NMR Supervisor signature (call 780-492-9950 or email ryan.mckay@ualberta.ca for appointment)
bullet Obtain your key from Laura Pham in E3-44

External NMR users

NMR Service Request Form PDF form to submit a sample to the NMR Service
You can print the PDF form and submit the filled in form to the sample drop-off point mentioned on the form.
Fields highlighted in light grey can be filled in with Acrobat Reader. Fill in with your computer, print it out and make photocopies and avoid entering the same information over and over again.
NMR Service Prices Prices of various NMR services offered by the Department to External Academic and non-Academic Researchers.

How to Submit an External Sample
PDF document providing information regarding sample submission for non-departmental, i.e. external customers (academic and non-academic).

The analysis of NMR data can be difficult and time-consuming.

We provide consultation services to external users who need help analyzing and interpreting their NMR results at a fee of $170 per hour (minimum 1/2 hour, and incremented by half hours). Please refer to item 8 on the price chart or call (780) 492-2573 for details.

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